Backend integration

In this section, you will use the API to send customer and order events so that we can issue rewards.

Heads up - send these requests in the background!

Customer and Order events should be sent to in the background so these API calls don't block any web requests. We recommend using a background job or queue to achieve this. In order to ensure successful delivery of the events to, the background job should be built to retry the request in the event of network failure or failure to connect with

Step 1: Get your API Keys

Login to your account to find your API Keys under Settings > General.

Note: If you are on Shopify, your API keys are under Settings > Platform > Show more. For BigCommerce, your API Keys are under Settings > Platform > Show launcher details and API keys

Step 2: Review the basics of our API

The backend integration portion of the setup involves communicating with's API. To do this, you should refer to our API Reference to understand how authentication, errors, and rate limiting work.

Step 3: Send customer events

Step 4: Send order events

Remember to send guest orders too!

It's important that you send order events for both logged-in and guest orders, as's system requires this data to accurately track referrals and other ROI and loyalty metrics.