Custom platform

As of March 2020, Smile is no longer supporting new custom platform integrations. Existing merchants will continue to have access to all of the features and functionality they know and love.

This documentation is maintained as a historical reference only.

If your store does not use one of our supported platforms, you can integrate with Smile using our API-based solution.

How do I integrate a new shop with

Good news! There's essentially just two steps:

What should I know before getting started?

You don't need to code any points earning or spending logic

The platform takes care of rewarding customers points for performing actions within your store. All you need to do is send customer and order events as they happen and we'll take care of making sure customers get the correct number of points.

You don't need to build any UI components provides a handful of front-end widgets that you can add to your store website. All points spending happens within a pop-up widget that we provide which is themeable by the merchant in our visual editor within Smile Admin. This means you don't need to code anything on the frontend beyond adding some javascript to your website.

You don't need to integrate with your checkout

Most rewards customers can spend their points on are in the form of coupon codes or gift card codes. Customers will spend their points through the pop-up in exchange for a coupon code or gift card. Customers will apply this code on checkout which keeps things super simple. No custom cart integration needed on your end, woohoo!